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B.Com. in Business Administration (Professional Accountancy & Financial Management) at GAPA

Programme Details

The B.Com. in Business Administration (Professional Accountancy & Financial Management) at GAPA will help you gain both knowledge and practical experience. You will learn from professional accountants who will support your academic and career goals, equipping you to compete in the finance jobs market.

The course is designed to give you an edge during your preparations for the competitive financial exams set by professional accountancy bodies and will also help you successfully step into the lucrative world of accounting and finance.


10+2 (any stream)


3/4 Years



Programme Structure

1.1 Accountancy

1.2 Financial Management - I

1.3 Cost Accounting OR Business Mathematics and Statistics - I

1.4 Strategic Management OR India Socio Political Economic System & Current Affairs

1.5 Taxation - I

1.6 Auditing & Assurance

1.7 Functional English - I

1.8 Environmental Studies

1.9 Constitution of India & Human Rights

1.10 Basics of Yoga - I/NSS/NCC (Practical)

2.1 Advanced Accountancy

2.2 Financial Management - II

2.3 Corporate & Other Laws

2.4 Principles of Management OR Indian Economy - I

2.5 Economics OR Business Mathematics and Statistics - II

2.6 Taxation - II

2.7 Introduction to Analysis of Spreadsheets

2.8 Functional English - II

2.9 Personal Effectiveness at Workplace Lifestyle Pillars - I

3.1 Financial Services and Capital Markets - I

3.2 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

3.3 Economic Laws - I

3.4 Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour OR Quantitative Techniques - I

3.5 Effective Presentation Skills

3.6 Hindi - I

3.7 Study & Analysis of Industry Scenario - I (Practical)

3.8 Basics of Yoga - II/NSS/NCC/Sports/Culture

4.1 Financial Services and Capital Markets - II

4.2 Equity Research

4.3 Economic Laws - II

4.4 Corporate Communication and Public Relations OR Quantitative Techniques - II

4.5 Digital Marketing

4.6 Hindi - II

4.7 CommunityEngagement and Services - I (Practical)

4.8 Lifestyle Pillars - II

5.1 Financial Reporting - I

5.2 Advanced Financial Management - I

5.3 Customs Law and Foreign Trade Policy OR Business Simulation & Financial Modelling

5.4 Advanced Auditing - I

5.5 Goods and Services Tax (Theory + Practical)

5.6 Community Engagement and Services - II (Practical)

6.1 Financial Reporting - II

6.2 Advanced Financial Management - II

6.3 Advanced Financial Management - III

6.4 International Taxation OR Marketing Management

6.5 Advanced Auditing - II

6.6 Internship and Industrial Training - I (Practical)

7.1 Direct Tax Laws - I

7.2 Direct Tax Laws - II

7.3 Direct Tax Laws - III

7.4 Professional Ethics

7.5 Mergers & Acquisitions OR Operations Research - I

7.6 Research Methodology

8.1 Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning

8.2 Financial Frauds

8.3 Business Valuation & Modelling

8.4 Derivatives Market

8.5 Mutual Fund Management OR Operations Research - II

8.6 Internship & Industrial Training - II (Practical)

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