Accounting’s Future: Demand and Evolving Technology 

While many students are attracted to business degrees because of the potential to make a lot of money, those who enrol in BBA finance and accounting programs might be surprised by just how much they’ll learn about themselves as well.  

This guide will outline the top seven benefits of pursuing a degree in finance and accounting, no matter what major you choose to pursue. By the end of this BBA finance and accounting guide, you’ll have everything you need to determine if you’re ready to choose this exciting field as your college major! 

1) Increase your earning potential 

In an era where automation is rapidly taking over many professions, accountants are still in high demand. As the economy grows, so does the need for accountants who can help companies manage their finances.  

The best way to increase your earning potential as a CPA is to broaden your experience by gaining experience in different industries and sectors of accounting. This will not only make you more marketable, but it will also give you a better understanding of how different businesses operate. By following this advice, you’ll be ahead of the curve when technology advances even further. With that being said, experts predict that artificial intelligence (AI) may affect the future of auditing and bookkeeping as well. S 

some are predicting that AI could replace human workers in these fields within 15 years! These predictions show just how important it is for accountants to stay current with evolving technology or risk becoming obsolete. 

2) Discover your passions 

I love being able to help my clients understand their taxes, find deductions they weren’t aware of, or show them how to optimize their returns.  

I also love that accounting is a constantly changing field where I get to stay up-to-date on the latest accounting technologies. 

3) Create an effective business plan 

The profession of accounting is changing at an unprecedented rate. In the past, accountants were predominantly focused on manual bookkeeping tasks, but now they are more likely to be involved in the decision-making process.  

As BBA finance and accounting business operations become more complex, accountants are needed to analyze data sets to detect patterns that lead to insights into the financial performance of a company.  

However, with so many changes happening in the accounting industry, it is difficult for current accountants to keep up with the demand for their skills. 

4) Develop your time management skills 

Scheduling your time is a great way to take control of your day. You’ll be more productive, feel less overwhelmed, and still get everything done that you need to.  

Consider BBA finance and accounting when you’re most productive, what tasks are most important, what days work best for you, how long each task should take, and when you want to do things about other events in your life. 

5) Learn to manage multiple projects 

The best way to manage multiple projects is to divide them up by their stage of completion.  

For example, if you have three different proposals for a new business that are each about 50% complete, you can work on one proposal at a time, with the other two in the back of your mind but not consuming any of your attention. 

Remember that it’s not a race—you want to be as efficient as possible while still keeping quality high. 

6) Expand your professional network 

Networking is a crucial part of success in any industry. And the accounting world is no exception. Inviting other accountants to coffee can help you grow your professional network, build new relationships, and learn more about what they do.  

But don’t forget that you have something to offer, too! Be sure to bring business cards so they can learn more about what you do. And be sure not to monopolize the conversation! 

7) Enhance your communication skills 

People will always need help with their finances, but what they want out of the process is changing. Accountants that can adapt to these changes will be able to keep up with the demand for their services. 


BBA in Finance and Accounting graduates aren’t just accountants and financial analysts; they often go on to pursue careers in marketing, management, operations, and more. There are many reasons why the BBA finance and accounting at university has become so popular with students, with that popularity continuing to grow each year. One of the primary reasons students choose this degree program is because it offers both accounting and finance courses that apply to real-world business situations.  

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