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Careers & Pathways Following an Diploma in Business Management

A Diploma in Business Studies prepares you for a business career.  The best part about business management is that you don’t have to wait for an opening in a particular industry as you get a job in any industry or sector.  It is important to choose the right program which suits your interests and that will make you grow fast in the sector.  Here are some good career options.

Business Development Executive:

In this role, you will be responsible for overall business growth, maintaining good relationships with customers and stakeholders, improving profits through strategic planning, and improving the reputation of the organization as a whole.  

Management Consultant:

If you have a diploma in accounting and business, then a management consultant is a good career option.  You will be responsible for improving business value, creating growth opportunities, and solving problems that can arise. In addition, you will also oversee the company structure, operations, and strategy. 

Sales Associate:

You might have already figured out what this role is. Sales associates sell a company’s services and products to customers, government agencies, and sometimes also to other businesses.  Their role may also go well beyond just selling products.  They may also try to maintain good relations with the existing customer base for repeat business.

Banking Associate: 

Now this may come as a surprise to you but if you have an advanced diploma in accounting and business, then a banking associate can be another career option for you.  In this role, you will handle the loans, personal accounts, and banking services of a particular individual.  Banking associates are the main point of contact for clients.

Project Manager:

Project managers organize, plan, direct and coordinate business projects.  In this role, your main job will be to make sure all projects are completed according to set deadlines, budgets, and goals.  You will supervise teams, schedule meetings, troubleshoot, and measure small goals and milestones according to the macro goals.  

Community Manager: 

A community manager is another career option you can consider if you have a diploma in accounting and business studies.  As a community manager, you will help a company grow its online presence. Your main job will be to make use of tools to gather information about what clients are saying about the business.  You will help develop plans for strengthening the online presence of the business through the use of social media  

Logistics Manager:

As a logistics manager, you will be responsible for the storage of goods and their distribution.  Your duties might include transportation of goods, inventory management, and coordinating the flow of goods.  In addition, you might also be tasked with materials handling, customer service, and scheduling warehouse employees.

Director of Operations:

A director of operations oversees and encourages the growth and profitability of an organization.  Their duties can include staff management, department supervision, or the production of goods.  


GAPA Education’s diploma in accountancy and business studies prepares students for the CA foundation course.  We provide a well-rounded accounting education with a special focus on training in accounting procedures, taxation, business law, information systems, and management.

You will learn to account from industry experts who are committed to providing you with the best practical, real-life, and hands-on training to help you get a good start.  

Through our broad range of courses, we help you inculcate business skills like HR administration, business writing, macroeconomics, and finance.



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