How to prepare your CA foundation with Diploma in Accountancy & Business Studies Programme

In India, to become a Chartered Accountant is an aspiration and dream of millions of students. Each year more than 4 to 5 lakhs students appear for the CA Exams, but only a few thousand can clear and crack it. Reasons for this low passing percentage in the CA Exams can be several. But poor preparation and study strategies right from the beginning of the CA foundation course can be the main ones. 

To bridge this gap, According to CA Experts and Financial Intellects, incorporating a diploma in accounting and business studies while preparing for the CA foundation exams held twice a year can be rewarding and helpful to the students in many ways.

Importance of Diploma in Accounting and Business:

A diploma in accounting and business helps the students in accounting procedures and theory, taxation, business law, information systems, and management. It assists the students to develop vital strategies while grasping practical and theoretical concepts.

We at GAPA Education offer and provide advanced diplomas in accounting and business in sync with the CA Examination syllabus to make our students feel confident and a step ahead at every stage of their exam preparation journey.

With a diploma in business studies at GAPA Education, you will get to learn accounting and business studies from our vastly experienced faculty of experts. Under our program, Our focus is to develop and instill our students with business skills related to Microeconomics, Human Resource Administration, Business Writing & Communication, and Finance. Because irrespective of running any successful business or organization, these skills have been sheerly imperative.


How is a Diploma in Accounting and Business helpful for a CA Foundation Course Exam? 

During a diploma in accounting and business studies, budding CA students get the opportunity to practically learn, understand and implement various accounting, management and corporate laws strategies and concepts. The syllabus programs and workshops conducted under these diplomas are broadly in sync with the CA Examination syllabus, much to the delight of CA students. 

To accentuate, it also aids in developing students, technical skills, analytical skills, business communication abilities and individual research capacities. 

Benefits & Advantages:

Besides helping the students to prepare for the CA foundation exam, the benefits and advantages of doing a diploma in accounting and business studies are plentiful.

Some of the most prominent ones include:

1. Employment Opportunities

For decades, professional accounting and astute business strategies have been the backbones for many businesses. Hence the need for an ace qualified candidate is always eminent across a wide range of industries and business activities. 

2. Job Security

Irrespective of technological advancements and development, the need for experienced financial professionals, will never decline and ebb down. Hence a candidate with an advanced diploma in accounting and business is bound to be in good demand. 

3. Better Career Prospects

A diploma in accounting and business studies helps the student with a certain degree of expertise in accounting, management, business communication, business operations, and corporate laws strategies. With expertise in any of these, the chances of landing higher secured positions in top firms and companies become more evident than ever.

4. Financial Rewards

Certified accountants and financial professionals earn sizeable above-average industry profits and rewards. Some are widely known to charge pretty expensive fees equivalent to the combined annual salaries of many employees for small financial planning services or practices.

Thus, you can get a complete CA foundation with this course. Also, if you are interested in other undergraduate and postgraduate programmes then you can visit our website.

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