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When you choose your profession in finance, the decisions you make while choosing your mentor can leave a significant impact on the core understanding of your knowledge and expertise for the highly competitive industry.

With the mission of mentoring students who prepare for the fast-paced CA, CPA examinations as well as those reappearing for the exams; Global Academy of Professional Accountants strives to do justice to the years of hard work by supplementing their coaching with BBA Degree programmes that prepare them for the lucrative world of accounting and financial management as well as provide them with new opportunities to step out as financial managers, capital and securities specialists, among others.

Who can join GAPA?

Who can join?

For individuals looking to pursue a career in finance or are preparing for high-paced tests like CA/CPA/ACCA, GAPA offers specialised streamlined training in accounting and related subjects along with Specialised Degree, Diploma Certificates from recognized universities.

Pillars of the Programme


GAPA provides high-quality coaching backed by degrees and certificates from prestigious institutions to prepare you for a prosperous career in finance.


GAPA stands as a promising body offering degree and industry exposure for students preparing for the CA, CPA and other high-paced tests; kickstarting their financial career.


The primary focus of the course is on customised programmes in your subject of interests, that can help you find a job at your desired company fresh out of college.

"Formal Education will make you a living, Global Academy of Professional Accountants will help you build fortune"

Build Confidence in finance with GAPA

What makes us different?

We build your understanding and confidence in finance through teaching that is grounded in current, relevant thinking and placed in the context of the decisions you will be making everyday.

The course is tailored for experienced professionals from both financial and non-finance backgrounds who need to understand and evaluate financial information with confidence.

This comprehensive programme is practical and business-focused. It provides you with a solid grasp of best-practice corporate financial management and demystifies the language of finance. The result? You will be able to interpret information accurately, make better decisions and, ultimately, deliver increased organisational value.

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