Why Should Students Seek a BBA in Financial Markets?

In today’s dynamic and competitive world, It is difficult and strange to imagine any business without finance and capital. As the capital market focuses on raising debt and equity for running the businesses, While finance focuses on how to effectively handle and manage the funds to successfully run the business. Hence both activities play an instrumental role in developing a country’s economy.

Thus students who hold and have a passion for capital markets and finance activities, a Bachelor of Business Administration can be a great career option. To accentuate, a BBA in Capital Markets graduate, when compared to other graduates, has more job opportunities and promising career options abroad and in India.

Although the initial salary package solely depends upon the financial knowledge and aptitude of the individual, one can expect to draw fifteen thousand to thirty thousand per month at the start of the career.  

BBA in Financial Markets:

Pursuing a BBA in Financial Markets is a three-year undergraduate degree divided into six semesters. Pursuing BBA in Financial Markets or BBA in Capital Markets aims to provide students with practical knowledge and understanding of various integral financial components like investment, insurance, banking, and more. It prepares students into reliable financial professionals to call the shots and make bold and informed predictions about financial and capital markets.

After pursuing a BBA in either capital or financial markets students have further options to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy and Financial Management or pursue a course in Financial and Human Resource Management.

Who Should Opt for BBA Financial & Capital Markets –

Students who are interested in the finance field with good communication and astute decision-making skills can opt to pursue a BBA in Capital Markets. Doing a BBA in Capital Markets is also highly beneficial and recommended to students who are interested to do an MBA in finance.

Scope of BBA Financial Markets –

The aim of a BBA in Financial Markets is to equip students with how the global and domestic financial system works. Students with a BBA in Financial Markets knowledge gain and hold knowledge over important financial components like financial engineering, portfolio management, and more. Graduates from financial and capital markets propose solutions to real-world situations to meet the dynamic BFSI Industry requirements and expectations. Besides having a plethora of job opportunities in both government and private sectors.

BBA Financial Markets – Job Opportunities

Understanding finance, money, and investments is one thing applying financial knowledge and taking calculated risks in real; To resolve different business problems is another important thing.

Hence skilled and astute financial professionals are among the top key players within any business firm or government organization and are thus, valued by business and government organizations across the globe.

The most prominent job positions and sectors where graduates can get their hands are:

Prominent Sectors:

  • Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Trading
  • Retailing
  • Corporate Finance

Prominent Job Positions:

  • Financial Consultant.
  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Banker
  • Loan Officer

Why Choose Us

We at Gapa Education provide a BBA in Financial Markets that equips students to operate effectively in financial management and marketing activities. Our program helps students from finance and non-finance backgrounds to develop in-depth knowledge of financial practices like raising funds and managing them resourcefully towards the optimum growth of the organization.

While pursuing the program students are provided with ample opportunities to pursue paid internships. To get real exposure to the financial and capital markets to decode and decide upon a specific career job niche. Under the guidance of industry experts. Each unit of the curriculum is well-curated and is in sync with the latest industry happenings and requirements

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