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Campus Facilities - Classrooms


Our institute offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities. Our classrooms on all campuses are air-conditioned and equipped with laptops and LED projectors.

Campus Facilities - WiFi

Wi-Fi Campus

Our campuses are equipped with a Virtual Private Network and high-speed broadband, as technology is the mainframe of education today.

Campus Facilities - Student Lounge

Student Lounge

Special rooms located within college, designed to give students a space for relaxation and study.

Prime Vision Campus Area - Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall

Equipped with quality sound and picture devices, we conduct screening sessions for our students.

Campus Facilities - Library


Our libraries across all our campuses offer complete access to extensive electronic information resources and are also well-stocked with books, periodicals and journals.

Campus Facilities - Accomodation


We have tied-up with housing providers offering beneficial amenities, located close to our campuses across all centres. This enables our students to minimise their commute time, and explore the city during their leisure time.

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