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Digital Learning

We want our students to study through cutting-edge and digital approaches, such as:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programme

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programme enhances student’s learning experience using online and mobile technologies within and outside the classroom. This allows them to work on course materials and to participate in a collaborative learning environment, thus making them tech-savvy.

Collaboration and Communication

GAPA is one of the leading institutes that empower students using modern-day technologies, online sessions and other hi-tech modules of training. Apart from Google Apps, we harness the flexibility and functionality of portals like Google Classroom, Shared Calendars, Hangout and the Drive. Our faculty collaborates using GSuite. This enables them to get instant feedback from students and to track their progress while streamlining their writing and research work.

Prezi Presentation

This is an inventive and refreshingly unique presentation tool that allows students to express their ideas skilfully and to explore their creativity.

YouTube Broadcasting

The presentations created by our students are broadcast on various platforms, including YouTube. This allows them to share their ideas and creativity with the world. The students themselves can create original content and share their own expertise with teachers, and classmates. This is a great way for students to develop an online presence and have a creative way to show what they know.

Educational Newsletters

Our Educational Newsletters feature the key highlights of the Institute, apart from presenting students’ achievements. The Newsletters also report the latest industry trends, growth and major events.

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