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Your Journey at Your Journey At Global Academy

  • Expert Career Counselling

    Prior to enrolling in coaching, students receive free one-on-one career guidance to gauge their interest and prepare them for the future endeavours.

  • Enrollment

    Enrolling in the Global Academy of your choice, learning major aspects while preparing for the broader objective.

  • Modelling

    Gaining hands-on experience while learning from industry experts and charting a career path in the lucrative world of finance.

  • Structured Course

    Getting to the heart of Exam hacks and learning directly from the professionals contributes to the targeted achievement at completion of this course.

  • Grinding together

    Practising with students preparing for the same exams, levelling up together. Hands on doubt-solving and networking with competitors.

  • Perfection

    Undertaking weekly, monthly, and yearly tests with an emphasis on your weak areas.

  • Exposure

    Networking and mentorship with experienced, certified industry professionals.

  • Support

    Constant guidance and assistance during the test procedure.

  • Credential

    A degree or diploma certificate from an associated university upon completion of the course.

  • Career Advancement

    End to End, Extensive Placement Assistance and Career-Related Mentorship.

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